Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I enlarged a picture of one of my friends coming out of a cave which turned out to look very cool. A lot of the other jpeg pics I could have done were too complicated and I didn't like them enough. Like what Mr. G said this pic looks a lot like Jesus coming out of the tomb which is very cool. I also like how there aren't many shades in this pic just black and white.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


My goals were to create an accurate representation of the carryout box and chopsticks with long shadows.

I accomplished this by putting the light  on the side so the shadows would stretch.

I think this painting is more about dramatic shadows and backlight.

The most difficult challenge I had to face was the flatness of the chopsticks.

The way I fixed this was by using the charcoal pencil to  draw more exact lines than the vine or compressed charcoal could do.

I think my art really works with the shadows from the chopsticks cast onto the box.

I learned that the charcoal pencil is pretty useful.

I think Caravaggio's work really helped with his intense and long shadows.

I liked how neat Josh's art was.

I would probably cover my work charcoal instead of making an outline of it first.

I feel good about the shadows in my work.